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The Indian Chemical Engineering Congress, CHEMCON – 2017, along with the 70th Annual Session of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers will be organized by the Haldia Regional Centre (HRC) of the IIChE in association with the Department of Chemical Engineering and supported by Department of Biotechnology & Food technology of Haldia Institute of Technology, from December 27 to 30th 2017 at Haldia, West Bengal.

Almost all the products we use directly or indirectly in our life, be it food, shelter, health and personal care, garments, involve application of chemical engineering. Our demands are ever increasing for better life style and the challenge is to develop new products that will be cheap, high quality and environment friendly. Since its formal beginning, the discipline of chemical engineering has passed through different phases with concurrent shift of paradigm in teaching, research and practice. All the while our discipline has absorbed and assimilated the relevant advancements in other sister disciplines to get enriched in order to expand the horizon of our service to the society and mankind. It is now a truly interdisciplinary subject that meets a broad spectrum of challenges of the society. With this perspective in mind, the theme for this year’s CHEMCON, has been made “Versatility of Chemical Engineering to Meet Societal Challenges”.

The four days event will offer an ideal forum for scientists, researchers, academics as well as industry leaders, policy makers and planners to meet, deliberate and debate on “Where to and How” a sustainable solution may be reached.

CHEMCON- 2017 will be a confluence of the brightest minds from the trans-Indian and global arena. It will include the signature Memorial Lectures, to be delivered by who’s who of the Academia and technopreneurs; CDS lectures by acclaimed scholars and industry stalwarts as well as Plenary Lectures by renowned persons in Chemical Engineering and allied fields., which will open up new frontiers of knowledge. An Indo-Canada Joint Symposium on “Chemical Engineering in Development of Energy and Environmental Technologies’ and a “Special International Jt. Symposium” will be another highlight of the Congress. The parallel technical as well as poster sessions will provide an opportunity for exchange of scientific findings and latest developments in Chemical Engineering arena . Other attractions will be Industry-Institute interactive session, panel discussion and exhibitions, where high-profile industry captains will share their valuable on-field experiences, which will be an added bonus. Thus possibilities are limitless.

The venue of Haldia, the one and only chemical & petrochemical hub in Eastern India, adds another important dimension to this whole event. Come to CHEMCON-17 and be a part of it. It will be your ideal destination to reach the crème of audience, liaise with the decision makers or get in touch with the prospective buyers for your business.

Contact Persons

Organizing Secretary


Prof. Radha Das , Dean (CHE, BT & FT).
Dept. of Chemical Engineering,
Haldia Institute of Technology
Email :
Mobile : 09434453157

Jt. Organizing Secretary

Mr. A.K Dey, Plant HEAD-ECL
Chairman – CII (HZC) , Haldia
Email :


Prof. R.N Jana, Asso. Prof. (CHE)
Haldia Institute of Technology
Email :
Mobile : 09475501042